The drinks you serve at your wedding can say a lot about your personality as a couple. Whether it’s bellinis, G&T’s or a pint of craft beer, the new wedding trend is for couples to add their own creative touch with specialised cocktails for their ‘pitcher’ perfect day. 

Drinks expert and owner of The Dispensary Bar mobile cocktail business based in Glasgow, Greig Sparkes, says the days of simple Cava wedding toasts are over. New occasion drink trends have introduced alternative and unique creations to raise a glass to the happy couple. Greig explains that couples are switching the traditional flute of bubbly for signature cocktails and garnished mixed drinks.

Greig said: “We offer a whole range of drink alternatives for weddings that are both personalised and fun. We are now seeing more couples looking for signature cocktails made just for their big day. We design something especially for them based on their unique personalities. It adds a special touch to their celebration and is a fun way for guests to remember the occasion.”

Different flavours and alcohol can be mixed together to create a drink inspired by the couple as either individuals or together. For example, different types of gin can tell a lot about a couple - flavoured gins say they are young-hearted and fun, but a dry gin accompanied with tangy flavours reveals a couple who are independent and enjoy the finer things in life.

Bartenders can play around with a range of flavours and liquors that are specifically designed to celebrate the couple on their special day. If a couple want to express their laidback and easy-going style, then an IPA might suit best. For larger than life and extroverted personalities, a tequila or rum based cocktail says just that.

Alongside the fun of creating the drink itself, couples can come up with a signature name for their limited-edition wedding cocktail. The newlyweds could each serve a self-titled drink inspired by their own personalities or give a nod to a special memory or moment with the name of their cocktail. Some couples have opted for names of their pets for drinks or named their beverage after the location they both met for the first time.

The Dispensary Bar will be at The Scottish Wedding Show on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2018, to inspire engaged couples with a multitude of personalised and quirky drink alternatives to serve at their weddings.

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