Aside from the wedding day, the infamous hen or stag do is the most important event to plan for couples set to tie the knot. There are hundreds of different ways to celebrate the bride or groom-to-be but the big decision is choosing whether to throw your do at home or away. To help all the happy couples to decide whether to host their party locally or jet abroad, we’ve put together an easy guide to choosing where to have your hen or stag do.

The Guest List

The number one factor that determines whether or not you’ll bepartying in the sun is the guest list. First you need to figure out how many guests you will be inviting to your do and determine if it is possible for that many people to travel abroad for the celebration. If you’re looking at inviting more than 20 guests, then it might be better to throw your big bash closer to home in a large venue, as dealing with a large group of work schedules and personal commitments might be a bit too stressful in the run up to your big day. 

As well as the number of people you plan to invite, think about the people you will be inviting. If there will be aunties, granniesor in laws who aren’t looking for a wild night,then a three-day extravaganza in Ibiza might not be the best fit. 

Time Spent Planning

Next up in the process is to determine how much time you want todedicate to planning your hen or stag do. If you have a year or more to go until your wedding day, then why not go all out and throw a big bash abroad in the meantime. However, if you’re dealing with a six-month time frame and a wedding to plan, then it might not be best to throw a 15-person long weekender to Vegas in the mix. 

Even parties close to home can become stressful, especially in shorter timescales, so bear in mind the time needed to plan a do abroad and if you have enough time to plan stress-free,then why not set off with your besties to a beach somewhere nice?

The Atmosphere

Are you thinking civilised afternoon tea, cocktails on the beach, disco, soaking up the culture in a foreign city? Know what type of atmosphere you want your hen or stag do to have.  

The cost

Last but definitely not least, how much money you are looking to spend is the big decider. Depending on whether you are looking to cover all costs for guests or how much you are happy to ask your friends and family to spend,will determine what is best for your party. 

Sometimes even a staycation can cost groups a couple of hundred each - never mind plane tickets, airport transfers, accommodation and all the fun activities. Saying that, if you monitor comparison sites and go at non-peak times, you can sometimes find a getaway bargain.