Marie-Clare Cake Design is bedazzling couples across Glasgow, one wedding cake at a time. Starting her business four years ago, Marie-Clare, channelled her experience in textile design and a love of baking into launching her very own bespoke cake business.

As couples say goodbye to the traditional white, three-tiered cakes, the new trend of alternative and personalised cakes is on the rise. Doing exactly that, Marie-Clare creates an edible arrangement that tells a story. From exposed cakes to novelty and illusion cakes, there’s nothing that Marie-Clare can’t turn into a delicious masterpiece. Whatever the couple wishes to create, Marie-Clare will find a way to turn the couple’s visions into tiers of artistic and flavoursome bliss, guaranteeing a talking point at the wedding. 

Taking each couple through a design process, Marie-Clare gets to know each of her clients and their stories, so she can produce a final cake that gives a personalised nod to the happy couple. For one particular couple who bonded over their love for the Harry Potter franchise, she created a five-tier cake with an icing book base, hand painted each layer with special odes to the novels and topped it off with two edible golden snitches.

For another couple, Marie-Clare designed and baked an incredibly detailed owl cake. Working with a variety of textures and ingredients, she made a life-sized owl topper on top of a three-layer sponge and handmade edible flowers. 

As much as the exterior of one of Marie-Clare’s cakes will leave you and all of your guests stunned, it tastes just as good as it looks! Nothing about her cakes are less than extravagantas clients are able to choose from a great range of flavours and fillings. From Bakewell tart, peanut butter and jelly and chocolate mint to Baileys or Malibu and raspberry, the options for your mouth-watering cake are endless. 

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