The Scottish Wedding Show are happy to announce that we have recently undergone a creative re-brand, in order to enhance the marketing campaign and effectively, broaden the appeal of the show to a much wider market – both exhibitors and visitors. 

Over the years, our artwork has been created using photography from the catwalk shows, but as images are too specific and don’t really tell a story, we asked our designers to come up with something in which the core creative would be eye catching, have wider appeal and be more inspirational.

Their initial thought was that they wanted to create something synonymous with marriage and as we are inviting people to come to the show, an ampersand is a recognisible feature of an invitation. Their suggestion was to make the ampersand illustrative, making it feel personal, but also reflecting choice and options to suit various tastes and as such, the individual illustrations within the ampersand are made up of traditional and alternate elements.

The ampersand then had to tie in with a combination of words, to appeal to a variety of people and what type of wedding they may have, ie, traditional, quirky, vintage, so they provided several word combinations to marry up words, ie Champagne & Dresses, Hair & Make-up, Top Hats & Trainers, and dependant on the media we’re using, word combinations/colours can be adapted to suit that media.  The tagline they suggested and what we think is just so relevant as to what people will do at the show is “Find the perfect combination for you and your partner”.

When we were happy with the new creative, they then built us a new logo on the basis that the core function of the logo is that it’s legible and readable, and although  will never be the asset that grabs attention, should feel elegant and attractive. They went down various routes, but what they came up with was The Scottish Wedding Show 2015, inspired in the shape of a loveheart.

We are delighted with the outcome of the new branding and although very different from the traditional bridal creative we’ve used in the past, we’re hoping will appeal to a wider range of people – both exhibitors and visitors.  We hope you’re of the same opinion as us, but would be happy to hear your comments –